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Sep 7, 2012

Video: The Screaming Sheep

I don't know what happened to this sheep, but that scream is so hilarious.
Video Credit: AjQ2891 / YouTube / Via: reddit
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Sep 6, 2012

Video: Best News Bloopers of 2012 - Part 3

This is the part 3 of best news bloopers for 2012.
Video Credit: NewsBeFunny / YouTube / Via: tastefullyoffensive 
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Sep 5, 2012

Epic Win Compilation 2012 (August-September)

Best win compilation for the month of August and September 2012.
Video Credit: Rs4EverFtw / YouTube
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Magician Explains the Danger of Skunk Spray

This amateur magician explains the danger of skunk spray.
Video Credit: shanegarst / YouTube / Via: arbroath
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David Wetherill Amazing Shot at London 2012 Paralympic Games

Amazing shot of David Wetherill of Britain during 2012 London Paralympic table tennis.
Video Credit: NPH06 / YouTube
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Video: Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney's Stance on Marriage Equality

Here's Mitt Romney being question by gay veteran about his stance on marriage equality.
Video Credit: whidralph / YouTube / Via: doobybrain
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Mike Song and His Mom Dance to Psy's Gangnam Style

This 60-year-old mom dancing to Psy's Gangnam Style together with his son.
Video Credit: mikeosong / YouTube / Via: dailypicksandflicks
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